Morphun: Mathsphun Maths Set

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Type: TOYS

Mathsphun Maths Range

This set adds a wider range of maths signs and can be used in combination with the Addition and Multiplication sets for the whole range of normal maths class activities.

The Maths set pieces are numbered 1-10 and come with: +, -, ÷ x / and = signs. The chunky side joining pieces will help concentration and involvement as the teachers present their own range of simple activities. Other signs such as local currencies or % and @ can be added for dealers on request.

The core objective of Mathsphun is to provide a system of teaching the early stages of number use in a fun way that will get increased classroom or home learning attention. The chunky side joining pieces will also help concentration, involvement and hand-eye coordination.

The Mathsphun Maths set 34201 has 213 pieces and comes with 15 pages of A4 Early Learning class activities and 6 other class activities, in a clear sided tub. Mathsphun is an award-winning product