Zometool: Crystallography Project Kit 256pts

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Type: TOYS
A beautiful introduction to the world of crystal and mineral structures.

Build all 14 Bravais lattices, including all 7 simple crystal structures (which can be built simultaneously.) Explore shadows, symmetry, coordinate planes and more.

Teachers can build models for in-class demonstrations. Includes colorful, thoughtfully written and illustrated instructions that open up into a beautiful 22"x14” (56x36cm) poster. An inspiring introduction to the wonder of crystals!

  • Crystallography studies the atomic architecture of solids to understand the relationship between atomic structure and the properties of materials
  • Crystals are made of repeating unit cells which belong to 1 of 7 crystal systems and 1 of 14 Bravais lattices all of which you can build with this kit
  • This kit will introduce you to the science that underpins the development of practically all new materials
  • Contains 256 precision-made components; colorful instruction booklet; lifetime manufacturers warranty
  • Zometool is the construction set that kids and Nobel Prize winners get hooked on