Wishbone: 3in1 Bike Red

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Type: TOYS

the ultimate pre-bike... walk, ride, & balance

  • Stage 1: 3 wheels
  • Stage 2: Lower Balance Bike
  • Stage 3: Higher Balance Bike

Wishbone Bike - a TIME Magazine Design 100 product. Pure toddler joy - it's so easy to ride. With it's sustainable design and innovative 3-bikes-in-1 feature, Wishbone Bike from New Zealand is the ultimate pre-bike! 1 Wishbone Bike starts at age 1 with 3 wheels - lightweight and super stable. 2 Then it converts to a 2 wheel balance bike. 3 Later, the unique "wishbone" frame can be flipped, making Wishbone Bike one of the largest balance bikes on the market. Made from sustainably-harvested birch wood, non-toxic glues and finishes, and recycled packaging, Wishbone Bike is widely understood as the 'best-in-category' thanks to its functionality, design aesthetic and eco credentials. Suitable from 12 months to 5 years.


From the Manufacturer
Unlike any other running bikes, the Wishbone bike evolves with a child's different stages of development. It starts at age 1 as a trike, converts to a running bike as the child grows, and by four to five years old, the wishbone frame is flipped, making the Wishbone Bike one of the largest running bikes on the market. With its environmentally sustainable design and innovative 3-bikes-in-1 feature, the Wishbone bike, designed in New Zealand, really is the ultimate pre-bike. Every Wishbone Bike has 60% post-consumer recycled plastic wheels, is made from sustainably managed woods and is bonded and finished with quality products. The Bike box and all printed material inside is recycled and printed with non-toxic inks.