Wishbone: Wagon

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Type: TOYS

Wishbone Wagon is a premium quality classic red wagon with a difference. From award-winning Wishbone Design Studio, Wishbone Wagon is a multi-functional toy your child will love to grow up with. Three functions in one - wagon, soap-box racer and foot-to-floor car. Wishbone Wagon brings the past and the future together in this innovative heirloom toy. Wishbone Wagon is children play to transform: with two handle positions to push or pull, and a steering wheel that really works. Or simply open the floor hatch for foot-to-floor Flintstone-style fun. Built to last from sustainably-grown birch wood and air-filled tires. Your child will love transforming Wishbone Wagon and discovering so many ways to play. Pull your gear or toddler to the beach. Or you can push while your child steers the wagon. Close the hatch and race this soap-box cart downhill with its very own working steering wheel. Transforming Wishbone Wagon between play combinations is so easy. Encourages independence, cooperation, exploration and develops gross motor skills.

  • Classic little red wagon with 3 in 1 functionality
  • Pull or push for maximum fun
  • Steering wheel that really works
  • Premium quality birch, aluminum and steel
  • Air-filled tires and low center of gravity