Zometool Jar Hyperdo

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Zometool Hyperdo Science Kit The building toy for kids and Nobel prize winners | Beautiful, amazing and deep - that is the Hyperdo | A hands-on introduction to higher-dimensional objects and hyperspace | Zometool - art and science at play Measuring 14 inches (35cm) in diameter, this beautiful model of the 120-cell will cast amazing shadows, astonish you with the tunnel of love, and could be your first step to learning how to think in 4D! The first Hyperdo ever built took over 2 years to construct; it will take you a lot less but you still won't want to take it apart.

Beautiful, amazing and deep; that is the Hyperdo in a nutshell.Just as 3D objects can cast flat (2D) shadows, 4D objects can cast 3D shadows. THAT is what this model represents:

The Hyperdo is a 3D projection of a 4D object called the 120-cell (aka Hyperdodecahedron).

But instead of trying to understand these words, get your hands on this kit and enjoy this stunning model!